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comfort kit

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Kuzidi Comfort Kits contain high-quality items specifically chosen and packaged to reach the needs of the whole child.  A few highlights that signify the importance of each are shown below.  

Gift Kuzidi Comfort Kits to help give children the tools to develop positive mental and physical health. 

English or bilingual book.

  • Multilingual and ethnically diverse books allow children to recognize their own culture while increasing empathy for others.
  • Books facilitate literacy, stimulate the imagination, and expand children's understanding of the world.

A plush animal

  • Lovies give children a constant companion for security.
  • Stuffed animals play an important roll in the development of communication. 

Enhanced curriculum activities

  • Integrated guides include 20-pages of music movement therapy, global language words and phrases, and activities that develop self-awareness, promote relationship building, and foster decision-making. 
  • Guides ensure continued learning and educational activities for children during pandemics like COVID-19, those who are victims of disasters, and young ones brought into Child Protective Services.

Outlets for creative expression

  • Musical instruments provide an outlet for emotions and promote creativity.
  • Art supplies improve fine motor skills and offer an opportunity for children to explore their creativity.
  • Balls foster group cooperation and participation and are used for exercises to address visual tracking deficiency, auditory imprecision, and balance.

Go to Product Info for additional details about the purpose and significance of each item.